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ZSBC Membership Payments

Please select the membership, enter the membership names, and click the button below to pay membership for the ZSBC.

Membership is from March 21st until March 20th of the following year.

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ZSBC Donations

**After sending your donation to us through PayPal, please send a short email to: & with your first & last name and telephone number and just mention which of the following funds you would like your donation to go towards:

  1. General Fund
  2. Current Dar E Mehr Maintenance Fund
  3. New Dar E Mehr Fund
  4. Arbab Rustam Guiv Fund
  5. Grade 12 (AAA) Scholarship Fund
  6. Religious Education & Scholarship Fund
  7. Shahenshahi Muktaad Fund
  8. Youth Fund
  9. Seniors Fund
  10. Other (Please specify further in your email to us)
    Also please confirm your postal address in your email to us as we will mail your donation tax receipt to you via Canada Post.
    Thank you for your donation!

Please click the type of donation and then press Donate.

 E-transfer email address (please specify donating to what purpose when making donation)