Zoroastrianism 101

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Zoroastrian Global Glossary courtesy of FEZANA – https://fezana.org/glossary/

Text and Photos by:  HANNA SHAPIRO

Vohu Manah (Vohu Mano, Vohuman):

Vohu Manah is the “Good Mind, Intelligence and Good Thinking”, It stands for the discerning wisdom and thorough thinking required for leading a useful life. It is the generator of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. He is given the freedom to choose between good and evil, and the responsibility to reap the consequences. He is the Intellectual Principle and was the first Amesha Spenta created by Ahura Mazda, at whose right hand he sits.


Asha Vahishta (Ardwahisht):

Asha Vahishta means “Truth and Justice”, It is the Divine Law-it embodies Righteousness, Truth, order, Justice and Progress. It is the universal law of righteous precision. Every Zoroastrian strives to follow the Path of Asha in its highest and deepest spiritual sense. Asha is the personification of the “most righteous truth”. He was the second Amesha Spenta created. He is the most prominent of the male Amesha Spentas as the principal adversary of the world against the Daevas.


Khshathra Vairya (Shahrewar):

Khshathra Vairya means “Righteous Power” Denotes the “Power” to settle in peace. It is chosen by free and wise people as their ideal order in spirit and matter. It is the divine dominion. It is democracy in mind and body, in thought, words and deeds in every social activity. He symbolizes self-control to include one’s desires and sensory organs from being stimulated by objects of sense as well as good authority which ushers in prosperity and the Kingdom of God.

~The Sky and Metals~

Spenta Armaiti (Spandarmad):

Spenta Armaiti means “Holy Serenity, Devotion” also means Tranquility, Holy Compliance. It is peace and prosperity. She is an earth and fertility goddess and daughter of Ahura Mazda. She was the fourth Amesha Spenta created. She personifies holy devotion and righteous obedience, and also perfect mindedness gained through humility, faith, devotion, piety, and so on.

~The Earth~

Haurvatat (Hordad):

Haurvatat means “Wholeness, Integrity, Health and completion”. It is the perfecting process and final completion of our material and spiritual evolution. She is the Amesha Spenta that presides over water and is the personification of perfection. She guards the spiritual and physical natures of water, and she brings prosperity and health.


Ameretat (Amurdad):

Ameretat means “Deathlessness and Immortally”. Together with Haurvatat, it is the ultimate goal and represents the completion of our evolutionary development and the final achievement of our life on earth. She is associated with plants. She personifies immortality and rules the physical and spiritual aspects of eternal life as are symbolized in plants.



Spenta Mainyu (Spenamino, Hormazd) means “The Holy Creative Spirit”, He is the spirit of Ahura Mazda, active in the world. He has dominion over humans. He is the god of life and personified light and goodness in the world and people. Later, he became identified with Ormazd, while Ahura Mazda (Name synonymous with Ormazd) became known as Zurvan.

~Human Beings~

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