The Z.S.B.C.

Here in “Supernatural British Columbia” a vast array of cultures and ethnic groups live together in harmony and peace with cross-cultural understanding.

As the followers of the ancient teachings of Ahura Mazda, we are the representatives of a 3760 year old dynamic philosophy and are practicing the good religion of Asho Zarathushtra in this multicultural environment. Although we are not the first FEZANA association to have an online presence, we are evolving with the times in order to showcase our uniqueness in a sea of harmonious cultural exchange.

Our community currently has 482 registered households collectively made up of 1,191 individuals in British Columbia (B.C.). As the second largest organization in Canada consisting of first, second and third generation Zoroastrians, this society’s faith is firmly embedded within this beautiful province.

The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia (Z.S.B.C.) just turned 55 years old on February 22, 2023 and while the past few years were a challenge for our community both locally and globally, we certainly are a resilient bunch! We are proud to say that our society is fully operational once again and we have actively kickstarted many new initiatives.

We welcome you to our website, like Canadians have graciously welcomed us to this amazing country many decades ago.

‘Hamazor’ is a ritual handshake, a ritual that unites two persons in prayers symbolizing unanimity, determination, solidarity and resoluteness of purpose. It promotes spiritual synergy. – Dara M. Khodaiji